Important Aspects to Be Successful in the Wireline Industry

The oil and gas industry has been emerging again. They have been required to ensure that your equipment has been ready and operational. It has been deemed of great value. It would be pertinent to mention here that the downturn has created several wireline companies to park their equipment that hasn’t been used for a significant length of time. However, the equipment has resurfaced and the companies have been getting them ready to work again on micro gas mitigation needs.

Nonetheless, as the production company would look forward to drilling again, wireline companies would be fighting for the market share as well. You may wonder about what would be the determining aspect of the competition.

Let us delve on the two major factors that would help you ensure the company makes the most of the success.

Reliable equipment

Regardless, you get a brand new truck or the one that has been sitting a few years, it would be your best bet to sleep better at night having knowledge that everything has been working in the correct manner. In the event of you having a sound sleep, the major reason would be you have taken the test well and had tested it actually. Moreover, you would have got a new engineer familiar with the new truck. You should rest assured it would make him relatively more confident in completing the task.

Trained personnel

It would be pertinent to mention here that reliable equipment would go perfectly well with trained personnel. In case, either of the two aspects has not been in place, failures would become imminent. It would result in the following:

  • Loss of revenue

Mostly, the mistake of the employee or a failure in the equipment could cost the wireline company to pay downtime for other service companies waiting due to the occurred delay.

  • Non-productive time

Service companies would need to track the non-productive times, as production companies would like to improve job efficiency.

  • Loss of customer

In the event of the customer has not been satisfied with the overall performance of the service company, they would search for someone performing to their desires. However, a company having a few clients would suffer high revenue loss.

  • Injury

The company would take zero tolerance for injury to any person on location in a serious manner. In case, the number of recordable injuries or the TRIR number is relatively high, the company would not hire their services. Safety has been the number one aspects of the oil and gas industry.

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