Gas and Oil Drilling Operation

Oil and gas drilling operation may not be the same for every well and the equipment and process needed for these drilling operations may vary from place to place and the procedure can be determined by engineers and operators at each location.

You cannot complete oil field services with one call and for every operation, you need to decode the operation procedure, number of people required, equipment necessary etc.

Following are eight areas that you need to understand before starting your operation.

  • Understand all about the contractors employed

While employing suitable contactor for the drilling operation, you need to discuss with their representatives and know about their derrick workers, drillers, floor workers, motor man, tool pusher and also all about the drilling operations.

  • Drilling operation of the well

In order to plan about drilling operation, you need to discuss along with your engineers and contractors and inspect the drilling site.

Having inspected the site and doing various necessary tests, the engineers and contractors will develop the necessary plan of actions.

  • Downhole measurement

Downhole measurement is also another important activity which has to be done and also make suitable documentation so that based on that the necessary equipment and tool will be procured for the drilling operation.

  • Surface string of the casing

Most of the water that we all drink will come from fresh water from underground and hence one of the very important considerations while drilling operation will be to protect a new well so that fresh water areas are not polluted.

  • Intermediate string of the casing

Based upon the well depth, some of the well may need second strings of pipe just above production reservoir, so that this section can be cemented into its place.

Many often this intermediate string of casing will be installed for correcting any adverse kind of hole conditions.

  • Drilling breaks and the drill stem testing

If in any point of time, a drilling break will occur, the drilling supervisors will have to take necessary decision jointly with the engineers about the plan of action and based on that the operation is going to proceed further.

  • Maintenance of hole and packed hole assembly

During the operation of drilling, there can be many different wear and tears as well as many breaks which need to be repaired time to time.

  • Drilling straight hole

Often during the drilling operation, a situation may arise where the hole may get deviated as it is necessary to maintain a straightness of the hole during the drilling operation.

Infographic provided by SMARTCORR, a corrosion control products company