What you Might Want to Know about Winching

Winching is performed if a machine can’t get close to a cut tree. To get the log to the trail, you must winch it out with a cable. The tractor stays on the skid trail. This post helps you understand how winching works and determine the right type of treuil forestier for you:

The Right Time to Winch

Winching can be done with an ATV of a tractor. Because an ATV is a small and maneuverable machine, it is usually possible to reach the log to skin it. But, you may not be able to do this in rough terrain and if the brush is too thick or you wish to protect the new growth. If this is the case, you can either pull the log out with cable or a winch it out with a hand or electric winch.

Moreover, a tractor may not be able to get to the log due to its handling features and size. It can also damage the new growth in some conditions. Because of this, a tractor must stay on well-marked trails.

Felling Wood for Easy Winching

Before cutting in a spot, it’s important to determine where you will fell every tree. You must avoid skidding over any major obstacles such as rocks or stumps. Felling the tree is important to ensure the butt end or the top end of the cut log will point toward the cable run. This reduces the possibility of the log to turn and prevent damage to the new growth. Once the tree is past the end of the run or off to the side, you can drop the top end toward the run. If there are many obstacles or brush or the tree is big, consider winching from the top.

Hand Winch vs Electric Winch

If you are buying a winch, one of the decisions you will have to make is whether to buy a hand winch or an electric winch. These options are great; however, there are factors you must consider:

  • Economy vs efficiency. Typically, a hand winch is less expensive than an electric winch. But, an electric winch is widely considered to be a more efficient option.
  • Battery life and muscular endurance. Both hand and electric winches can lift a heavy load; however, an electric winch will not tire and may be able to handle a heavier lift. But, an electric winch must be powered by something and can drain a car battery life flat when used for a long period of time.