What Has Changed In Singapore’s SEO Practices In Last Five Years

If you look at SEO in Singapore, you can spot some noticeable changes that have surfaced recently. Earlier, in order to drive traffic to a website, all you had to do was build some random links to it and its rankings would have skyrocketed within a few hours. The relevance of those links didn’t matter. Neither did their quality. Only numbers accounted for your site’s ranking boost. It doesn’t work like that anymore. Today if you want to improve a site’s SEO score and overall rankings, you need to keep in mind multiple factors like the quality of the content, your site’s speed, relevance of links, variation in links (profile, Web 2.0, naked links, comment links, etc.), social signals, etc.

Moreover, unlike the old days, you cannot build one hundred links in one go and expect an immediate boost in rankings. In fact, if you do something like this, Google might even block your website from showing up in search results. So, try to be consistent and proceed further slowly. Keep in mind all these changes to never get into any trouble while trying to rank your site next time.