What are the Industries that Use Plastic Injection Molding?

Plastic injection molding is used in the following industrial sectors:

Building and construction

Plastic injection molding is a versatile technique and can be used in infinite industries as it is a paramount aspect for the construction industry too.

There are many features that make the process successful like:

  1. High material stability
  2. High durability
  3. Greater cost-effectiveness
  4. High energy efficiency
  5. Material recyclability
  6. Lightweight
  7. Wide range of material and finish options

Plastic injection molding helps in producing many construction parts and products like fasteners, hand tools etc.

Food and beverage

There are many parts used in food and beverage department that must pay heed to safety guidelines. These may entail FDA certification and GMA safe compliance to guarantee sanitary production manufacturing as well as safety of consumers is taken consideration. To meet such standards, plastic injection molded parts are made for these industries and have food grade materials which are non toxic and free from BPA. Fibertech ensures to meet various food and beverage industry needs like using chemical and UV proof, autoclavable materials.

Such technique helps in production of:

  1. Beverage overcaps
  2. Conveyor system components
  3. Beverage filtering components
  4. Food and beverage containers
  5. Processing equipment components

Medical and pharmaceuticals

As such sector is always inclined to look after individual’s health and safety, they have to ensure quality in the entire manufacturing process, right from the beginning to the final inspection.

There are many benefits of using injection plastic molding technique like:

  1. resistance to extreme temperatures
  2. high tensile strength
  3. tight tolerances
  4. Reduced part weight
  5. High quality and repeatable part production
  6. Superior design flexibility
  7. Rapid fulfillment of high volume orders
  8. Minimized material waste, lead time, and overall costs
  9. Reduced patient risk

Doors and windows

The products made for doors and windows department include:

  1. Exceptional weather tolerance
  2. Excellent thermal insulation
  3. Wide range of material options
  4. High corrosion resistance
  5. Minimal assembly time and costs

The features of the product and the benefits are as follows:

  1. It minimizes assembly and reduce costs
  2. Innovative use of high quality resins to replace metal parts
  3. Plastic springs eliminate the risk of rust corrosion

The following door and window products are made by plastic injection molding like:

  1. Hole plugs
  2. Locks and keepers
  3. Muntin bar clips
  4. Muntin joiners
  5. Sash handles
  6. Tilt latches
  7. Vent stops
  8. Weep covers
  9. Window handles
  10. Window roller assembly
  11. Window screen corners
  12. Window stops