Important Things to Keep when Buying Semi-Trucks and Trailers for Farms and Ranches

These days, a lot of farmers and ranchers are purchasing their own semi-trucks and trailers for hauling hay, livestock, and grain. But, a remorque à bois is a major investment so it is important to consider major points.

In terms of farm truck weight and capacity, it depends on the state you are in, the criteria that qualify it as a farm truck, and the weight limits. It is important to keep in mind that states are different and you must find out what your state requires. This depends on whether you are hauling to and from the farm within a short distance. When hauling across state lines, you should have a logbook.

Trailer Options

There are a lot of options in trailers and your choice will depend on what you haul and the weight limit of your state. Check on these limits first by finding a DOT officer to get answers to your questions. The majority of ranchers invest in ground-load trailers due to their efficiency and ability to be used in pasture situations. Ground-load trailers can haul 28-30 cows. Many ranchers have permanent corrals in different locations or portable corrals. The ground load allows them to load from any corral and unload in a pasture with no corral.

If you are looking for a trailer to haul grain, choose a tandem or a triple-axe grain hopper. This equipment often has the same weight capacity and can often accommodate 45, 000 to 50, 000 pounds of grain. A hay trailer would be of the same weight.

Things to Know about Truck Mileage

Trucks vary in mileage they get. This depends on the speed, load, and gear to do the job. Also, the mileage you get depends on whether you pull one long trailer, two trailers, or three trailers. Most people look for something with at least 500 horsepower so they can load just about anything.

A lot of people buy used trucks to save money. If you choose this route, just ensure to find a good used truck instead of spending thousands of dollars on a new one. When purchasing a new truck, you must pay an excise tax to the federal government that can up to $20, 000. But, you do not need to pay this on a used truck. You can find many used trucks out there with automatic transmissions; however, they are as good as for farm hauling.