Google: The Inner Workings of a Tech Giant

There isn’t a person in the developed world that doesn’t know the name Google; indeed, Google has been turned into a verb, ‘Just Google it’ being the obvious reply when someone asks a question. Yet this tech leader is so much more than a search engine, they store huge amounts of data in their enormous data centres that are the size of a dozen football pitches. These data centres generate so much heat, Google has them mainly in colder climates, for obvious reasons and this data is then collated using AI and that’s why laptop ads pop up all over your screen after you ‘Googled’ laptops.

Corporate Secrecy

If you were thinking you could rock up to Google’s head offices in San Francisco and be welcomed into a group tour, think again! Yes, you can have your photo taken by the huge Google sign, but unless you have an appointment, that’s as far as it goes. Why all the secrecy you might ask? The algorithms that their search engine uses are not published, as if they were open about this, businesses would know how to maximise their profile in a Google search. Whether we’re talking about Google Ads in Perth or trying to find a supplier of dog collars, Google are secretive about how they do things.

Google Ads

One of their biggest sources of revenue is running ads, and as they own YouTube and many other digital platforms, running ad campaigns with Google can be very profitable, if you know what you are doing. We’ve all seen the ads that pop up while watching YouTube content and let’s not forget that Google have all your Internet movements, especially if you use the Google Chrome browser, which means the customer can really define who sees their ads.

Google & The Future

Google have been using and developing AI for quite a few years already and that development is ongoing; AI puts content in front of you that you are interested in, as it analyses your digital footprint. No doubt Google’s AI department are currently working on many projects, including a drone-based delivery service that might be in partnership with Amazon, another tech giant.

If you run a small business, Google can be very effective in getting the right message in front of the right people and all you do is make contact with a leading Australian SEO agency, who would assess your digital profile and put together an effective digital marketing plan.