Four Important Things to Look for When Choosing a Document Destruction Company

Document destruction is an important part of information security plans in companies. But, picking the right destruction company for your business can be challenging since you have to choose from many options. This post helps you find and keep the right paper shredding and document destruction company that ensures your confidential information is secure and properly destroyed.

When hiring a document destruction company, here’s what you should look into:

Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service is a significant factor to take into account when hiring any company. Although a single missed phone call or late email response may not seem like a big issue at first, consistent poor customer service and support can be quite frustrating and lead to poor destruction service. Choosing a company with poor customer service leaves you with plenty of work on hands, especially if there are many documents to be shredded.

Before you pick a document destruction company, do your due diligence and see what other customers say about a company’s customer service. Pick a company you are comfortable speaking to. Also, they should be able to answer all your questions.

Efficient Service

A lot of onsite shredding companies let managers watch as they destroy their documents. This will let you enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your sensitive information has been properly destroyed. But, keep in mind that efficiency does not always mean the fastest service. It is getting the job done right in an appropriate amount of time.

Highly Secure Shredding/Destruction Process

When picking a shredding company, you want to know how secure their shredding process is. You can ask the company some questions to determine the security of their services. Ask how they will transport documents to the destruction site, whether or not they offer onsite shredding services, the shredding method they use, and the kinds of documents and other materials they can shred or destroy.

Flexible Services

Companies differ in their document shredding needs. Bigger companies may require consistent paper shredding and document destruction done every week. Because smaller companies have less paperwork, they may only need shredding services during tax seasons or occasionally every year. Picking a company with flexible services makes sure you will only pay for the services you need. Also, this lets you create a schedule or plan that works for your organization which means no unnecessary stress. A document destruction company is supposed to provide you with peace of mind.