Everything To Know About A Chocolate Depositor

As one knows, a chocolate depositor is special equipment that one’s uses for pouring and forming chocolates. This machine comes in handy for all the chocolate producers.

Chocolate is one of the best creations, and there’s no doubt about that. And there is certain equipment used in its making, one of such is a chocolate depositor.

Functions of a chocolate depositor

  • Heating chocolate for a particularly apt temperature
  • Depositing the fillings into these cooling belts directly
  • Depositing into molds
  • Decorating the molds making use of different designs as well as patterns
  • Making pralines, chips, drops, tablets, and chunks
  • Refining the chocolate to make it taste it’s best.
  • Discharge the chocolate shells and fillings.
  • Cooling to get a solid chocolate form after the deposition.

Generally, this machine is a time and money saver for larger scales of production of various chocolates.

Making use of this machine one also guarantees a clean and hygienic process in making chocolates.

Features of the machine

The outstanding features that a chocolate machine provides are:

·        Accuracy in Chocolate Depositing

The precision, as well as accuracy, helps enhance the time and speed. This is very beneficial for the person making chocolates.

·        Fully Automatic System making use of PLC

These machines make use of a completely automatic system that comes with a PLC panel. This allows one the convenience as well as better control of these machine parameters.

·        Flexibility

Have big channels in the nozzle plate for a different application type to deal with the maximum viscosities.

It can thus work on a wider range, such as the smooth chocolate to fluid fillings.

·        Best Material

The main material use for the machine is none other than stainless steel along with other materials.

Stainless steel is both durable as well we hygienic. This way, one makes low to around zero levels of contamination.

The parameters of the chocolate machine

The parameters of the machine are:

  • Mesh belt that comes with a standard width that operates accordingly.
  • Heating tunnel along with temperature
  • Conveyor belt operating at a standard speed
  • A cooling system that comes with a refrigeration capacity.
  • The power system as well as the evaporating area

To conclude, a depositor machine is a very convenient creation for chocolate makers. These machines can be said to be a necessity as it does almost half of the work. Therefore if one is