Cardboard Boxes – A Stylish Alternative to Typical Envelopes

Cardboard boxes are usually prefabricated cardboard boxes, mainly used for shipping materials and packaging products and is also sometimes reused. Most experts in industry normally use the word cardboard as it doesn’t denote a particular material being made of cardboard but refers to any solid material that can be shaped into boxes. Cardboard is made from fiber, linen or wood and when exposed to heat is becomes brittle and breaks into various shapes. Generally speaking, this type of packaging is seen in the retail sector and associated products such as snack boxes, garment boxes etc.

Cardboard is often used in bakery products like cake boxes, pie boxes, dough boxes etc. It is a strong and long-lasting material and does not tear easily. They are also light in weight and hence cost effective, as well as being easy to package and send across the country. These cardboard boxes are available in various colors, patterns, designs and sizes and are usually custom made to suit the requirements of the customers. They are available in various thicknesses and can be customized by adding additional features like a zipper, an elastic band, eyelet lids, fold over doors, snap on lids, cellophane etc.

Another area in which Cardboard Boxes are commonly used is in the production of static buildup. Static buildup is the accumulation of charged particles in a box, due to static electricity. The Boxes help to retain the charged particles until they are released naturally or through mechanical or physical means like gravity or abrasion. Hence these boxes are used in places where it is necessary to prevent the buildup of charged particles.

Cardboard for custom boxes is also commonly used in the household packaging market as it is cost-effective, reusable and sustainable. This makes it the best choice for many purposes. Cardboard Boxes are also environment friendly as they are made from natural materials that do not add to the environmental pollution. The material used to make Cardboard Boxes is Bamboo, which grows very fast and is easily recycled. Cardboard Boxes are most commonly used for food packaging but you can also use them for any other purpose.

Cardboard Boxes are extensively used in the cereal packaging market. In fact, these boxes are so popular that there are more cereals being sold in this manner now than in the olden days. A typical Cardboard Box can easily hold around 30 pieces of cereal which is more than enough for any single family. Also, these boxes can be used to package a variety of cereals like Corn Flakes, Special K, Amaretto, Cinnamon Toast and so on.

Cardboard Boxes are also very commonly used as the primary packaging for bubble products like Bubble Gum and Jelly Belly. You can find Cardboard Boxes pre-cut to the size of the product you want to package in these types of boxes. Pre-cutting your own Cardboard Box and using it as the packaging for your product is a very smart idea that saves money and is a lot more hygienic than buying pre-printed Cardboard Boxes or any other packaging material for that matter. So next time you buy something important, consider Cardboard Boxes and let the elegance of Cardboard envelopes take your gift to a whole new level.